i had recently felt that God was calling me to do something, but wasn't sure exactly what it was.
it took four different circumstances until i finally said, "oh, that's You, Lord."
sometimes i need to be smacked in the face to see things clearly. 

  • a friend of mine is traveling to uganda on a mission trip.
  • i read the book, collision. one of the main characters lives in uganda. the stories of uganda in the book are straight from the journal of the author when she traveled there years ago. as i read, there was a stirring in my soul, something i just couldn't shake. 
  • KONY 2012. this movement erupted on the internet within hours of finishing collision. again, there was uganda before my eyes and tugging at my heart. 
  • finally, a friend on facebook posted a link to the compassion website. compassion is a "Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults." you can sponsor a child from anywhere in the world.

i didn't have to question what the Lord was calling me to do;
the answer was staring back at me on the computer screen with the biggest smile.
after some prayer, i became a sponsor! meet my sponsor child: 

 how precious is she?! my eyes tear up every time i look at her picture. 
she is six years old, and she is from, you guessed it, uganda.

my prayer for her is that she will grow up healthy and happy.
i pray she thrives in school and gets the education she needs.
but most of all, i pray that she comes to know Jesus Christ as her Savior. 

i just started this journey, but i know it's going to change my life.

whoever is kind to the needy honors God. -proverbs 14:31. [niv]

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Stefne said...

I love this! She is beautiful and so blessed to have you praying for her on a daily basis.
Thank you for listening to God speak to you and acting on what he said. You're going to make a major difference in the Kingdom!

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